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Up to 20% off a month on a new RingCentral Office service: Message. Video. Phone. All in one app.

Message. Video. Phone. All in one app.

 With RingCentral, businesses both big and small can communicate with customers, prospects, and teammates—however they need to, using the same app.

Send your teammate a message to ask a question—or, join a video or conference call simply by clicking a link in your browser without needing to download anything to your phone or computer.

And if you’re a CalBar Connect attorney, you can get a special offer of:

                        ●           20% discount monthly on a new RingCentral Office service

                        ●           Get $50 off the list price on any RingCentral phone

Ready for a better way to collaborate with your teammates and communicate with your clients?

Give RingCentral a try!  Or, reach out to our team to have a quick chat if you have any questions! Call us at 833.228.5010

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