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Receive a $50 credit and/or 10% off on Document automation & app builder

Document Automation & Client-Facing Legal App Builder

Gavel is the automation infrastructure that allows lawyers to reclaim their time. With Gavel, you can create powerful workflows that gather data to generate documents and work product in your practice. Think about any task you do more than once that eats up a lot of your time – client intake, document creation, rules-based workflows – if it can be repeated, it can be automated with Gavel. Once onboarded, many users find themselves saving 20+ hours a week by automating repetitive tasks.

CalBar attorneys receive 10% off subscription fees for the first 12 months of any new subscription.  CLA members receive a $50 credit toward the first month of subscription fees and 10% off subscription fees for the first 12 months of any new subscription.

Learn more about automation from this video!

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