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Eliminate Accounting Headaches and Save $100

Accounting Software Built for Law Firms

Software designed specifically for attorneys to help you easily manage all of your law firm’s accounting needs. Eliminate your accounting headaches with a software that understands law firms.

TrustBooks offers CLA Members and CalBar attorneys the following, exclusive benefits:

  • CLA Members receive a $100 credit when signing up
  • California Bar attorneys receive a $50 credit when signing up
  • Free one-on-one onboarding
  • Free 14-day trial

Key features built for a law firm’s accounting needs:

  • Manage your trust account to ensure compliance with State Bar of California.
  • Easy and intuitive workflows designed for the modern law firm.
  • Track all accounting activity at the client level for better insight in running your law firm.
  • Integrate with your online bank, Clio and LawPay to save time.

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  • CLA Member: CLA
  • CalBar Attorney: CALBAR