Long-Term Care Insurance

Administered by AI&PS

Peace of Mind for the Unexpected

The State Bar of California sponsors the AI&PS’ Long Term Care program to protect California lawyers. With 10,000 people turning 65 each day and Long-Term Care costs increasing at approximately 5% per year, protecting your assets and retirement by owning long-term care coverage is essential. Long term care costs can quickly consume one’s retirement funds. You work hard to accumulate assets for your retirement, start planning now to protect them.

CalBar Connect members exclusively receive a discount below regular rates.

How AI&PS helps

This can be a complicated process to go through with many moving parts. AI&PS has helped many attorneys decide how to structure their long-term care plans. We place certainty where there is now uncertainty, and make the process easy to understand.

Modern science is keeping us alive longer than ever

Costs are increasing by nearly 5% annually. 10,000 Baby Boomers are turning 65 every day and with a limited number of facilities available, planning has become more critical than ever. The odds of a 65 year-old needing long-term care is 65%, for one or both members of a married couple.

It’s the smart thing to do

We insure our cars and homes which are low statistical claims. So why don’t we insure something so likely to occur and so potentially damaging to assets we have saved over our lives. Policies can be structured using several factors to create a plan built on both budget and need, but it’s critical to review options while we are young and healthy as underwriting continues to become more difficult.

AI&PS can build a Long-Term Care plan that fits your coverage needs, and one that will meet your financial expectations.  California lawyers receive a discount below regular rates.

Learn more by watching this video on Long Term Care Insurance 101.