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20% off monthly or yearly subscription plans

Secure File-Sharing and Storage


CLA members can now use the legal industry’s best-kept secret to protect files from hacking, unauthorized access or ransomware attacks during in-office, remote or hybrid work situations.

Recently integrated with Microsoft Outlook and soon to be integrated with Clio, AXEL Go is a decentralized cloud storage and file-sharing application built for small to medium-sized legal teams who need a convenient and secure way to collect, store and share their files.

AXEL Go is the most secure way for colleagues, clients, friends, and family to collect, store or share files. The innovative three-in-one tool features:

  • Secure Fetch

    Request important files from others privately and securely. Recipients don’t even need an AXEL Go account to send any number of files or volume of data back to you.

  • Secure Storage

    Store your sensitive files without anyone else having access to them. Not even AXEL has access to your decryption keys.

  • Secure Sharing

    Quickly share any size file safely from AXEL Go’s mobile, web or desktop application to anyone in the world using AXEL’s decentralized network of global servers.

With AXEL Go’s industry-leading security features, strengthening your firm’s digital security has never been simpler.

So, how does AXEL Go keep your files safe?

First, AXEL Go uses a system of decentralized server nodes. This means every time a user sends data through AXEL Go, the data is split up into tiny pieces and scattered throughout hundreds of decentralized server nodes. So even if a hacker compromises a node, they still can’t access the complete file. This process keeps your data whole for you, but fragmented and useless to cybercriminals.

Next, AXEL Go features AES 256-bit encryption, the same encryption technology the NSA uses for its top-secret information. In fact, it would take the world’s most powerful supercomputer billions of years to force its way through AXEL Go’s encryption technology.

Finally, AXEL Go uses blockchain technology to authenticate all activity on the platform. Put together, it’s the best-kept secret for legal professionals. With AXEL Go, CLA members and CalBar Connect attorneys have a new partner to help organize and protect your most vital files.

CLA Members sign up here for your 14-day trial of AXEL Go “Premium”. You will receive 20% off monthly or yearly subscription plans after the trial ends or you can continue for free with the AXEL Go “Basic” plan.