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Lawyaw delivers easy-to-use automated document workflows, eSign, information gathering, and knowledge management solutions for solo, small and mid-size legal practices in a web-based platform accessible from anywhere.

Why Choose Lawyaw

  • Save time and avoid errors with documents that you draft over and over again.
  • Our tools are designed specifically for legal professionals and include features such as conditional logic, the ability to save and populate sets of documents you use together, the ability to assign multiple roles to a contact (when a plaintiff isn’t just a plaintiff), and more.
  • Improve profitability and predictability at your practice.
  • Create a better experience for your clients with eSign, Questionnaires and more.
  • Web-based tools work on Mac and PC with no install required.

Trusted By Thousands of Law Firms

Founded by a diverse team of attorneys, computer scientists, and engineers, Lawyaw’s document solutions are used by more than 1,200 law firms and legal aid groups across North America, who have created more than 1.5 million legal documents using the Lawyaw platform. By converting frequently used Microsoft Word-based legal documents into easy-to-use programmable documents, legal professionals can cut document assembly time by more than 70%.

New customers who are CalBar Connect attorneys (California licensed attorneys) receive 5% off their first year of service. Mention the promo code CALBAR or visit

New customers who are CLA members receive 10% off their first year of service. Mention the promo code CLA-MEMBER or visit