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Document Automation & Client-Facing Legal App Builder

Documate is easy to use, robust document automation to turn your templates and forms into automated workflows. Use it internally; or use it to build client-facing applications to gather data through a web form, generate document sets from that data, or even display finalized documents to end-users.

Powerful Document Automation

The document automation capabilities are infinite. Add complex and nested conditional logic, pull from clauses, and add calculations. You can customize your document sets to come out exactly as desired. Documate also has integrations with software like Stripe and Clio, among others.

Client Facing

In addition to internal use, Documate can be used as a public-facing web form. Use it as a client intake tool to collect data. Then, use that data to automatically generate document sets.

Legal Application Builder

If you’ve wanted to build your own “TurboTax” for law or sell your document sets online, use the payment integrations, decision-tree logic, and whitelabeling features to create legal apps that generate revenue for your firm. No technical knowledge required.

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