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Legal Practice Management for the Modern Law Firm

Clio is the most widely-used, cloud-based practice management system in the world. An invaluable tool for law firms of all sizes, Clio overcomes many of the technical hurdles presented by conventional practice management solutions, allowing lawyers to simplify their workflow and focus valuable time on serving their clients.

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Every day tens of thousands of lawyers use Clio to schedule meetings, organize cases, track time, and issue bills. Accessible from your Mac or PC, Phone or Tablet, Clio allows lawyers to take control of their practice from any device, in any location, at any time. Clio even integrates seamlessly with other popular applications like Fastcase, LawPay, Quickbooks Online, Gmail, and Office 365.

Clio is an effortless solution that helps keep lawyers focused on what they do best—practice law. Join tens of thousands of lawyers across the nation today at