AI & PSDisability can happen...

Were you aware that:

  •  Nine out of ten workers underestimate their own chances of becoming disabled.
  • Nearly 60% of workers have not discussed how they would manage an income-limiting disability.
  • Nearly two-thirds of respondents with 401k or IRA plans are unaware of what would happen to their retirement savings should they become unable to earn an income.
  • Female workers, particularly unmarried women, are less likely than males to feel confident that they could pay their living expenses for three months if their wages stopped.

Association Insurance & Pension Services, Inc. has been serving members of the State Bar of California since 1954.

A.I.P.S. has been the marketing organization for the State Bar of California Approved Disability Plan for 50 years. This plan offers members a choice of several comprehensive and low cost disability insurance plans.

  • The program is non-cancellable and the premium cannot be changed by the carrier.
  • The Business Protector Plan insures a member's business expenses in the event of disability.
  • The Group Long Term Disability Plan provides coverage for both members and their employees.
  • The Program offers excellent rates.  Click here for a rate information for males and females.