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Now's the time to upgrade your PC.

The Lenovo product line offers the features you need in your choice of elegantly designed, portable, affordable, or even luxury space-saving packages. From family-friendly All-in-One systems to our cutting-edge ThinkPad laptops. Our PCs come in a variety of shapes and sizes that fit your lifestyle perfectly.


Ultraportable Laptops

10% off  ThinkPad Yoga -  Multimode business ultrabook

10% off ThinkPad T440 - 14" thin, light, and durable laptops with exceptional battery life

10% off ThinkPad T1440s - 14" ultra-slim & light laptops with uncompromising features

25% off U Series Laptops - designer laptops/ ultrabooks


Desktops and All in One PCs

     20% Off IdeaCentre Horizon - Multi-User Entertainment PC

 20% Off  S Series tablet -  Enhanced Multimedia Tablet


     20% Off  K series Desktops   -  extreme performance towers


 20% Off  select Q series Desktops, -  mini home theatre pcs

 20% Off  select H Series Desktops  - budget friendly ultra small towers


 20% Off  A Series All in One’s,  -  stylish all in one desktop


 20% Off  B Series All in Ones’  -  multimedia all in one desktops

    20% Off select C Series AlI in One's - entry level all in one desktops


 Laptops and Portable Workstations

 10% off ThinkPad W540   -  Portable Workstations


     25% off   Z Series - mainstream entertainment laptops


 25% off    Flex Series  - SLIM DUAL-MODE LAPTOPS

 Don’t forget  to accessorize your pc purchase.

Think Savings. Think Lenovo